Garden Adventures: Kelle Cooking With Kids

Fun, Healthy, Educational, Mobile Cooking Classes for age 3-13 year olds

Instructor --  Mrs. Kelle Pressley, QC Super Mom

I wanted to teach.

So I began tutoring for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools SES program. I loved making a difference in them.

 I want to help end child hood obesity.

Seeing how big my daughter was getting, I figured that I could not only help her but other kids in the process. I've learned that sometimes, a little push is all they need to make better choices.

I LOVE to eat well & so do our kids!

I have learned that kids will eat healthy! They love to select and help with just about everything. We have a 20x20 garden and my kids LOVE to help sow, care and harvest with me.

 I want to have fun! 

Children is my calling. They LOVE me!

 Ta-dah...............Cooking with kids made LOADS of sense to me. Sure being a graduate of Johnson and Wales, Supermom of the Charlotte Mecklenburg County health department, mother of 9 helps also.


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