Garden Adventures: Kelle Cooking With Kids

Fun, Healthy, Educational, Mobile Cooking Classes for age 3-13 year olds

Garden Adventures

This is a 90 minute class  inside of the garden with my children - GREAT for Homeschoolers and single kids.

This garden workshop teach gardeners all about growing, preparing and preserving healthful food while respecting the health of the environment.

Our goals is to bring awareness to urban community-supported agriculture (CSA) effectively engages students in the prospect of community and sustenance farming in an urban setting where access to fresh produce is otherwise limited. The target age group is 3 -15*. 

Mobile Cooking Classes

We Get Kids Excited About Fruits & Veggies

 Kelle Cooking With Kids provides wonderful opportunities to help your child learn about real food in a fun way. Our classes are offered in our community garden, in your home or at your event. 

These classes also enhances math, reading, science, geography, health, comprehension, creativity, social, physical and life skills through the wonderful use of healthy, tasty culinary experiences.